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Sex Worker Health Fair

In collaboration with the BIPOC Adult Industry Collective and Kink Out, we are very excited to announce a Call for Proposals for the International Whore’s Day SW Health Fair, to be held in Downtown Los Angeles (venue TDB) in-person on June 2, 2023

We are seeking speakers local to LA who have expertise and insight into and close professional and/or personal connections with the LA SexWork industry, such as:

  • medical and mental health providers

  • alternative healers

  • researchers and academics

  • activists and organizers

  • providers and community members

The theme is "Sex Workers’ Health: From Surviving to Thriving"—here are some topic ideas to get you going, but please take the theme and run with it:

  • PReP and other forms to self-care

  • maintaining work-life balance

  • being a student and a sex worker

  • navigating trans and gender non-conforming identities and expressions in in a cishet industry

  • navigating personal relationships and non-traditional relationship structures

We would especially love to hear from BIPOC speakers who are/have been connected to the adult industry in some way! We encourage your creativity and would like to hear from people who have inspiring, thought-provoking, community-healing content to present. If you’re not ready to present this time around but you’ve been dying to hear someone you know present, please feel free to forward this CFP and suggest they submit a proposal. 

There will be a speaker stipend of at least $150, and we’re working on making that more if possible! There are also potential publicity opportunities—we’ve been contacted by a local public pop up radio station who’s interested in broadcasting the talks, and speakers may also opt in to being interviewed on the radio!

Fill out form below or click this link to submit your proposal(s). The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2023—we can’t wait to hear from you!

In solidarity,

The BIPOC Adult Industry CollectiveKink Out, and Dr. Dulcinea Alex Pitagora

Call for Submissions: About Us
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